2016 Presenting Companies

2016 Florida Venture Capital Conference Presenting Companies


Ed Dottery, Founder, President and CEO

Alakai Defense Systems, Inc, (www.alakaidefensesystems.com), Largo. Alakai Defense Systems is a defense and security technology company specializing in laser and electro-optic sensing of explosives, homemade explosives, IEDs and chemicals of interest. Its product line of explosives detection systems is differentiated by operating at detection ranges much longer than those presently on the market, while remaining completely eye-safe.


Don McKinney, CEO

Aplicor, Inc., (www.aplicor.com), Boca Raton. Aplicor 3C® gives you the support structure you need to regain control over your business processes to drive sales, customer satisfaction, new business and profits. This affordable, yet extremely powerful system brings together finance and accounting (ERP), customer relations (CRM), and eCommerce data and capabilities to create a strong growth engine for your business.


Travis Bond, Founder & CEO

CareSync, (http://www.caresync.com), Wesley Chapel. Founded in 2011, CareSync is the leading provider of software and services for chronic disease management, combining technology with 24/7 nursing services to facilitate care coordination among patients, family and caregivers and all providers. CareSync provides turnkey Chronic Care Management services as well as a software-only option, allowing practices of any size to easily meet the billing requirements for CPT code 99490. Additionally, CareSync’s certified technology makes it simple for providers to meet Meaningful Use 2 for Data Exchange, Messaging and Timely Access.


Eric Olofson, COO & CIO

Citra Health Solutions, (www.citrahealth.com), Jacksonville. Citra Health Solutions aligns the needs of providers and patients with a focus on better health and more efficient value-based management. By combining scalable services with technical solutions, Citra enables its partners to optimize business practices while improving health outcomes for patients.


Jayson Koss, Founder & CEO

Delivery Dudes, (www.deliverydudes.com), Delray Beach. Delivery Dudes is a concierge order taking and delivery service with a focus on restaurant food delivery in local markets. Hunger strikes, so you head to DeliveryDudes.com. Peruse the menus of your favorite local restaurants. Once you've decided what you're craving you can either place your order with us online or over the phone. Then, while you're kicking your feet up and starting a NetFlix binge or working on your Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, we're racing around town picking up your food faster than you thought humanly possible, for just five bucks.


Abhi Lokesh, CEO

Fracture Inc., (www.fracture.me), Gainesville. Fracture creates and sells personalized photo decor to consumers worldwide. As a “full-stack” company, we have spent the past six years building our own proprietary engineering, web development, marketing, product fulfillment, and customer support teams and processes solely dedicated to providing customers with the best product and service possible.


David Nixon, CEO

InformedDNA, (www.informedDNA.com), St. Petersburg. InformedDNA is the authority on the appropriate use of genetic testing. Home of the only independent national network of board-certified genetics specialists, we are uniquely qualified to help health plans solve the multi-billion dollar problems caused by inappropriate genetic testing. Delivering expert genetic testing decision support to physicians and unbiased clinical genetic services to patients also leads to dramatically better health outcomes.


Drew Edwards

Ingo Money, Inc., (www.ingomoney.com), Roswell, GA, creates mobile, kiosk and POS technologies that take the delay and risk out of checks to enable instant deposit to almost any bank account, prepaid card or PayPal account, and to enable expedited payments to tens of thousands of credit card issuers and institutional billers.


Lynne Margnelli, EVP of Operations

Lung Institute, (www.lunginstitute.com), Tampa. At the Lung Institute, we are an innovative leader of regenerative medicine dedicated to providing cellular therapies and other forms of regenerative treatments for chronic lung disease. Through our commitment to offering patients a more effective way to address pulmonary conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and interstitial lung disease, we are improving lives.


Beck Besecker, CEO

Marxent, (www.marxent.com), St. Petersburg. Marxent is the leader in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality product visualization (visual commerce) for sales and marketing. Marxent’s VisualCommerce™ SaaS is the award-winning virtual products platform that powers Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps for leading retailers and manufacturers. Designed to manage infinite 3D products, collections and configurations, VisualCommerce™ also allows brands to publish their 3D content to any AR/VR device.


Jonelle Toothman, CEO

NeXtGen Biologics, Gainesville, is developing a Class II medical device for the repair of soft tissue. The company has discovered an innovative technology that utilizes the extracellular matrix (ECM) from a very unique species known as an axolotl. This species has regenerative properties and combines the innate attributes of nature with the precision of science to help the body heal itself. 


Ted Willich, CEO

NLP Logix LLC, (www.nlplogix.com), Jacksonville. NLP Logix is an advanced analytics and machine learning data product and services company, which has grown from a vision in 2011 to one of the fastest growing teams of deep learning practitioners. NLP Logix is an experienced team of data scientists, statisticians and software engineers who are capable of taking large and disparate data sources and returning timely, actionable and valuable information in a fraction of the time compared to traditional techniques.


Andrew Davies, CEO

Strategic Planning Online LLC, (www.spol.com), Coral Springs. Strategic Planning Online is a cloud based strategic planning software solution that helps align team members with strategic planning efforts to start producing results. We take the strategic plan from the executive team to each department in a collaborative way where everyone can participate in planning, budgeting, and measuring the results of the strategic planning effort.


Paul Slaats, Founder and Chairman

Thuzi, (www.thuzi.com), Tampa. Thuzi LLC, with company representatives and partnerships throughout the U.S. and worldwide, is the leader in experiential marketing technology used by many of the worlds largest brands, event owners and agencies. Our cloud-based, software-as-service platform provides unprecedented flexibility, speed of deployment, scalability and the broadest array of functionality along with easy integration of third party applications.


Ronald Mudry, CEO

TowerCloud, (www.towercloud.com), St. Petersburg. Tower Cloud, Inc. is a leading provider of broadband transport services in the southeastern United States. Carriers and enterprises with high capacity demands select Tower Cloud and its Generation Independent Networks™ when they need the highest quality network services, combined with guaranteed flexibility and customer support to achieve their immediate and evolving growth initiatives.


Jeffrey Cox, President and Founder

Veritread, (www.veritread.com) Lakeland. VeriTread (VT) is an online transportation marketplace where Shipping Customers connect with a reputable network of Transportation Service Providers (TSP’s). VT enhances this relationship by providing a suite of innovative decision tools that eliminate uncertainty and empower members to make smarter, more informed transportation decisions. Primarily serving the construction, agricultural, forestry, mining, and military surplus industries, VeriTread understands the challenges and complexities of moving hard to move freight. VeriTread is the first company to tackle the challenges in this 40 billion dollar industry.


Michael D. Webb, President/CEO

Xcovery LLC, (www.xcovery.com), Palm Beach Gardens. Xcovery is a biopharmaceutical company working to improve the lives of patients with cancer by discovering medicines to fight advanced tumors. Xcovery is developing a pipeline of oncology therapies to target a wide range of advanced tumors.