"When the Venture Forum was first formed, the organization, much like a startup company, anchored itself to established groups and picked strategic partners to guide them along the way."
Mick Lasher, President, Lasher Associates and Founding Member of the Florida Venture Forum


A startup is born:

The M.I.T. University of Miami Enterprise Forum is organized, based on the University of Miami campus in Coral Gables. Miami lawyer Steve Arky is the first Board Chair. Modestos “Mitch” Madique, a Professor of Entrepreneurship, newly arrived from Stanford, is the first Executive Director, supported by his graduate assistant, Jeanie McGuire.

The affiliation with M.I.T. changes to the University of Miami Venture Forum

Mitch Madique moves to Florida International University as a Professor. The affiliation with M.I.T. is dropped and the name is changed to the University of Miami Venture Forum.


The affiliation with the University of Miami changes to the Venture Forum at Florida International University


The Venture Forum evolves into a standalone entity

Jeanne Becker becomes Executive Director. Frank Young, then a partner at Southest Ventures in Miami, proposes that the Forum organize and host a Florida-focused venture capital conference.

The 1st Florida Venture Capital Conference™ is hosted at the Miami Lakes Inn (now Shula’s) in Miami Lakes, Florida.

Presented by the University of Miami Venture Council Forum with Ernst & Young as the Title Sponsor. Wayne Huizinga is the Keynote Speaker and Ted Leonsis, then CEO of Redgate Communications in Vero Beach, is one of the participants. 


Venture Forum becomes Florida Venture Forum


The 1st Friends of the Forum Membership Directory is printed 

Relocation of the Forum's office from Coral Gables to Tampa, Florida


Celebration of the Forum's 20th Anniversary 

First Florida Early Stage Capital Conference™ is hosted in Orlando



Celebration of the Forum's 25th Anniversary


The Forum's first Statewide Collegiate Business Plan Competition™ is hosted in Orlando


A record number of presenting companies at the Florida Venture Capital Conference™


Seven of the Forum’s presenting companies go public over a 10 year period of time


Channel Intelligence is bought put by Google for $125 Million


Previous Early Stage companies to date (2008-present) receive over $36 Million in funding


The Florida Venture Forum celebrates its 30th Anniversary at the 2014 Florida Venture Capital Conference™ in Orlando


Florida Venture Forum will celebrate its 24th Annual Venture Capital Conference™


Former Forum Presenting Company, CareSync, secures $18 million in Series B funding. 


The Forum celebrates the 2016 Florida Venture Capital Conference™ 25th anniversary.


The Forum celebrates the 10th Annual Florida Venture Early Stage Capital Conference™ and the 7th Annual Statewide Collegiate Business Plan Competition